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I am a


My name is David-Constantin Dobritoiu, and I've been studying Programming and Computer Science since the 7th grade(so 14 years old!). I started seriously since High School, and now I'm majoring in Computer Science at Babes-Bolyai University.

Among my hobbies you can see: Cybersecurity, Functional Programming, APIs, Web Development, Secure Coding, Research on multiple subjects.

I am constantly developing, both myself and as a programmer. Currently working on this website, another one that I am preparing with subjects on Cybersecurity, and I have multiple side-projects on my GitHub, where I am planning to add my whole University Life. If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact me!


I am currently in the second year of the Computer Science Major, where I learned about Python, C/C++, OOP, Java, Lisp, Prolog, SQL, and many more! I am still learning, so this list might be updated!

  • Birthday: 29 January 2002
  • Phone: +40770686983
  • City: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Age: 21
  • Degree: Bachelor's [WIP]
  • Email: david.dobritoiu@gmail.com

I am not currently planning on taking commissions, but if you really want me to work on something, I might change my mind.


I've been creating Private Servers for Metin2 since a young age, and now I use my free time to learn, stream games and research about Computer Science things.


Programming Languages

Cybersecurity Certificate


some random text

HTML 95%
CSS 75%
JS 20%
C++ 80%
Python 90%
Java 80%


This is getting updated constantly, as long as I have something interesting.


David-Constantin Dobritoiu

I am David, a passionate student who loves to discover more and more about IT and Programming.

I am passionate about Cybersecurity, Web Development, Game Development, and I am open to learn more and more about them all. In terms of Cybersecurity, I have been constantly Improving since I ever discovered it, actively seeking new challenges on HackerOne, TryHackMe, HackTheBox, and being constantly updated on major disclosures.

I also challenged myself to learn how to work with big source code, so in the last 5 years I am tackling the popular game “Metin2”’s source code, all alone, trying to create unique systems or to have my own touch at the gameplay. Since this covers Game Development with Python, C++, Lua, SQL, and Web Development with a special CMS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, I think I have learned a few things or two from that as well.

  • Address: Cluj-Napoca
  • Phone: +40770686983
  • Email: david.dobritoiu@gmail.com


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science


Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

What did I do here.

Profesional Experience

Java Backend Intern

July 2022 - August 2022

Societatea Hermes

  • Learned Java, REST API, SpringBoot while creating an application.
  • Completed daily tasks, attended courses on Java.


This is currently in work, as I do not have many finished projects, but will be updated soon! In the meantime, check out my GitHub!


As I said, if you want me to create something for you, let me know! If you have any other questions, you can as well contact me here.



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